Our Mission

We bring hope by providing a foster care alternative and giving a voice to the young and often unheard. 

We encourage the body of Christ to follow Jesus’ teaching by stepping up to care for the children in their communities and be an advocate for children and family. 

Our Vision

We see a national network reinstating God’s original plan for the family unit under the belief that every child deserves to be loved, feel loved and belong. 

We long for Hope’s Bridge to be a collective movement towards redemption, for children and families with a deep hope for reunification and an embedded foundation that all people were created in the image of God. 

Core Values

  1. Holy Spirit led in all we do – Romans 8:14 NIV
  2. Serving people with excellence – Colossians 3:23 NIV
  3. Giving a voice to the unheard – Proverbs 31:8 NIV 
  4. Biblical family based model – Mark 10:6-9, Psalm 127:3-5 NIV
  5. Redeeming family relationships – Psalm 133:1 NIV

How it works

Instead of “foster families”, we have what we like to call “Bridge families”. These are Christ-centered families with a heart and passion for displaced and vulnerable children in need of care. 
Our Bridge families do not receive a compensation or any incentives to become a family, rather after application and processing, is here based on their own dedication, commitment and love for God’s children. 

We have THREE options when becoming a Bridge Family : 

1 – Gap Care: This is our short term care option, to help assist birth parent(s) while they are in need of temporary support until they are able to be reunited within a 1-30 day time period. 

2 – Foundation Care: This is our long term care option, where children are in need of placement for longer than the short term care timeline. This is what would be considered most similar to the traditional “foster care” avenue, as it i lasts anywhere from 31 days or beyond, until either reunification or adoption can be achieved. 

3 – Respite Care: This program is for rest and rejuvenation. This program is based on Bridge Families helping other Bridge families find rest through scheduled necessary breaks, often giving time to regroup or reconnect, for marital care and/or for care during emergencies or unexpected crises.