From the "T" Family

“The whole staff of Hope’s Bridge has made us feel so surrounded, supported and loved! I couldn’t imagine doing this with anybody else. They truly live out the calling they believe in. It is not just a job, this is their ministry and that shows in everything they say and do!” 

From the "D" Family

“Hopes Bridge has gone above and beyond to anticipate our needs as well as help us assess other urgencies as they arrive. Whenever we have needed diapers, wipes, formula, etc. they have quickly responded to a network of people to help facilitate our needs. We are more than impressed with their encouragement, resources, and how they network with others to help care for the children. We have not gone without because of their help.”

“Your struggle isn’t a sign of weakness; It’s an outcome of faithfulness. It shows you care even when it’s hard.  That’s remarkable.”

                                            -Jason Johnson