How are we different?

Hope’s Bridge exists to be an extra avenue of child placement that will give a stable, Christ-centered, traditional family setting for children to feel safe and loved during the length of time that they are displaced.

~ Hope’s Bridge allows for underfunded counties to utilize our services when they have to make the tough decision to remove a child but do not have the funds for foster care.

~ We are here to give parents an alternate option when there are no family members or friends available to bring the child in. We are the last option before a child is placed into the foster care system.

~ Our families are not paid, therefore it removes the financial motive behind placement. Our families truly have a pure heart to walk out James 1:27.

“There are more than 7,000 children in Tennessee’s foster care system. The state receives support from over 4,000 foster families, but more foster/adoptive parents are needed, along with volunteers who can provide crucial support to foster families.”