The "M" Family

Our families are here to be a voice for these children no matter what that looks like.

From the Family

“Hopes Bridge has been there for us from the moment we welcomed the girls. They brought a welcome home kit which included all the essentials we would need that we didn’t even know we would need. They walked us through all of the paperwork and made sure we understood everything. They keep in contact with DCS and act as our advocate during CFTMs. They have supervised visitation for us when we didn’t feel comfortable doing it ourselves. They provide clothes and diapers when we need it. And they are an ear when we just need someone to vent to and pray with. We are so grateful to hopes bridge and all that they help us with.”

“Even if we help only one child, it will all be worth it”. Since 2019, we have helped 15 children, brought over 20 BridgeFamilies into the program, planted a firm foundation, worked tirelessly to obtain a child placement agency license, hired 5 employees and dream of doing big things in the future!