Become a Bridge Family

A Bridge family opens their home as a non-custodial caregiver to a child who has been removed by DCS. Most birth parents work to meet DCS requirements for reunification for 6 to 18 months. If reunification is not an option after this time, the Bridge family may choose to continue forward with permanent guardianship and then adoption.

Hope’s Bridge provides our families with:

  • a loving community and emotional support
  • advocacy with DCS
  • assistance for required court hearing and meetings
  • wrap around closet for clothing, equipment and other physical needs

Becoming a Bridge family involves a Christ-centered married couple completing an application, TN Key training, and a home study.

How it Works

DCS contacts Hope’s Bridge after children have been removed from their home.

A Bridge family is chosen for non-custodial placement (IPA).

Birth parents work a DCS permanency plan for roughly 6 to 18 months to reunify with their children. Bridge family supports healthy relationships with birth parents.

If permanency plan fails, a judge grants the Bridge family permanent guardianship. The Bridge family may then pursue termination of
parental rights and adoption.

1) TNKey certified – go to TN.Gov to sign up.
2) Hope’s Bridge Application – Please email
3) Home study approved
4) background check (by HB staff)